Setup proxy to avoid site blocking in Ukraine

The first step is to make sure that the provider does not block dns resolve blocked sites

For example, in windows we can do this by entering this command nslookup

We are using google public dns for tesing. If you seeing response like on first image than you can go to next step.
DNS resolve OK

If your response looks like this, then you need to use another method.
DNS resolve ERROR

If all is good then we need to setup google public dns resolver as default in our system

For example in windows 10:

1 2 3

Now setup proxy with automatic pac script

In windows 10:

Press on keyboard Win + R and input inetcpl.cpl


In proxy address you can use one of this:

  1. proxy.pac file
  2. Our proxy file


Last step is to clear dns resolver cache. Write in console this command ipconfig /flushdns


Restart your applications or your pc, and try to use blocked websites.

Proxy servers provided by Zaborona